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Lame as male

“Hey now, I didn’t blow any smoke, damn it! I held back. I didn’t want to creep you out with detailed high praise.

This response is lame. I’m sorry in advance. I just spelled lame as “male” and this is the first time I realized that could happen.

Don’t knock being 30. You’re still wee, and supple. Yum. I’ll stop myself here. I’ll be 30 this year. I like 30. Moreover, I like girls in their 30’s more than 20-somethings, and I’m awesome for this and anyone who disagrees is less awesome than I.

YES. Write about your mucus. I find that subject very charming coming from you.

I haven’t been writing about myself, but I like stories more anyway, so I’m not having a problem with that. I cram a buttload of subtext into my tales and if it’s possible for anyone to decipher them you’d see how incredibly personal they are. It’s fun to do if you let 3rd person characters think and act out your thoughts.

To be quite honest, if you desire to post something for the intardwebs, your two messages here are extraordinarily well written and relatable and I’d just post that or a variation of that if I were you. You’ll get way more helpful responses than I could think of. I’m just there with you, and I’m stupid, and all I can think of is “I KNOW, HUH!”

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. I wish I could be and I wish I could do better to make you feel better. This is one of those things that I’ll think of much better responses to after some time passes, probably when it’s too late. I can be very slow when it comes to these subjects because it hits home. Reading your message is like reading a clarified version of the thoughts I have on a daily basis. Which either means I think like a girl or you think like a boy. Both things satisfy me. But more likely it has nothing to do with our dangly parts.

Oh, oh, oh. Oh. Oh. Me not working. The easy answer is fear. I’m afraid of everything and it’s really difficult even just to get myself out of the house to buy food. An ex once told me that I’m afraid of living and she was right, but I still want to kick her a little (for other reasons). I’m still in a shame spiral from losing my job. I liked that job. I didn’t do anything wrong but I feel like I could have done better in the time I spent there and got myself a more secure position so I could have moved to the bay area with the new company that took over. I got myself a few interviews after and moved in with my cousin for like a week, but he disgusted me and the thought of no rent and being with my dogs was too tempting, so I moved to my dad’s in _____. Temporarily. It’s been over two years of “I’ll start really looking again next week.”

I can respond to your message better than this. I am ashamed of this. I can do better. This is just for now.”